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Hands Holding Each Other
Hands Holding Hands

Do you sometimes feel like you’re floating through life?

Are you unable to figure out why you do the things you do or have difficult or painful situations happen over and over?

Or do you feel overwhelmed all the time and have difficulty feeling happy in situations where you think you should be happy?

You are not alone.

The hardest part of beginning a journey is making that first step.

Each person’s needs are unique, and I provide tools and techniques to help you navigate your own path through life. My goal is to help clients build greater resiliency and eventually learn self-reliance. I want to teach you how to help yourself be the person you want to be and love yourself a little more along the way.

Many of my clients come to work with me saying that they have never felt resolution with their issues after therapy, or that they understand why they feel the way that they feel, but that the feelings haven’t changed and that they still feel stuck. Addressing the whole self in therapy helps a person heal differently than in talk therapy, where you address only what you think and feel. I have intensive training in a technique and theory called Somatic Experiencing, which involves your nervous system as well. Through our work together, we will work to help your nervous system regulate itself and gain more resiliency, which leads to more lasting changes.

I hope to meet you soon.

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